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It premiered at The New Group in New York City in 2007 and played thereafter in regional. Accomplices Movie Tickets, Reviews, and Photos - A detective (Gilbert Melki) and his partner (Emmanuelle Devos) investigate the murder of a teenage male prostitute. The Accomplices - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Accomplices is a 2007 play by New York Times reporter Bernard Weintraub. As they investigate the young man found beaten and strangled to death. . Accomplices Movie Cast (2009) Accomplices (2009) Stars Gilbert Melki, Emmanuelle Devos, Nina Meurisse, Joana Preiss, Jérémy Kapone. Complices (Accomplices) (2009) - Movies | Movie Trailers | Reviews. Accomplices (2009) - IMDb Director: Frédéric Mermoud. Accomplices (2009) - Plot Summary Both detectives on a sickening murder case struggle with being alone and childless in their 40s. Full list of the cast and crew. "Accomplices” coils through two stories, cutting between them as they converge, as we know they will, because the film has opened with a corpse floating in the Seine. Two months later, Vincent’s dead body is fished out of. Directed by . Vincent and Rebecca, just turned 18, meet at a cybercafe, and it is love at first sight. Top 10 Seriously Messed Up Movies

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